Infinity Blue is a company with a vast experience in television and advertising, both nationally and abroad.
Infinity Blue provides its clients and partners with a state of the art production and post production services for the making of documentaries, institutional videos, corporate videos and everything necessary to the communication of any company:
- Corporate Videos;
- Promotional Videos;
- Testimonial Videos;
- Foreign Language Videos;
- Training Videos & Tutorials;
- How To...Guides;
- Event Filming Videos;
- Tv Adverts;
- Web & Viral Videos;
- 3D Animation Videos
Another department of our Company looks after the distribution of TV programs and acts as representative, in Italy, for important international film and TV production companies to meet the needs of all TV Channels.?We are able to offer additional services such as editorial consultation, marketing, show scheduling, TV research, production of specials, reportages and journalistic programs.
The Company is legally registered with ROC (Registro Operatori della Comunicazione) since May 11th 2004, No 9642 for TV production professionals, and with S.I.A.E. No 179069.